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Spot and Stalk Black Bear Hunts
hunting the clear cut of Ontario
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clear cut northern ontario
With the assistance of your guide, you will cruise a large area, glassing relatively new forestry cuts that provide excellent natural food sources and high visibility.  Over the course of the hunt, you can expect to see numerous bears and have multiple stalking opportunities.

Although bears possess excellent senses of smell, vision and hearing, we have been very successful in assisting hunters in reaching comfortable shooting ranges.  While this style of hunting definitely favors the rifle or muzzleloader hunter, it is possible for patient archers to also stalk within range.

Don’t delay!  Treat yourself and your friends to a truly unique hunt that makes every animal a true trophy and memory’s that will last a lifetime.

Included: $1250.00 USD (Minimum 2 people)

  1. 7 days/6 nights accommodations

  2. Guide

  3. Hunting transportation

  4. Game handling/hide preparation/freezing

  5. Boat/motor per 2 hunters

  6. Outboard fuel

Not Included:

  1. Bear License

  2. Taxes

  3. Export Permit

Deposit Information

Non-refundable Deposit $500 U.S. per person, due at time of booking.  
Balance due on arrival.

  1.   All monies are payable by cash, travellers cheques or money orders.

  2.   Personal cheques are accepted for deposits only.

  3.   Deposits are not refundable.    

black bear in clear cut

This year, experience the thrill of bear hunting as never before.  We invite you to take up the challenge and exhilaration of hunting bears naturally, without the aid of dogs or baits.

Shooting Star Camp is one of but a few camps to specialize in this style of hunting, and with over 10 years of experience our hunts are as exciting as they are successful.

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